The following members of NCBE’s policy committees were appointed in August 2018 and will serve through August 2019. NCBE Chair Michele A. Gavagni and NCBE President Judith A. Gundersen are ex-officio members of these policy committees.

Character and Fitness Investigations

  • Patrick R. Dixon, Chair
  • Cheryl Beatty
  • Elizabeth S. Feamster
  • Elizabeth A. Greenidge
  • Kathleen Lynch
  • Gina Palmer
  • Lisa Perlen
  • Gus V. Quiniones
  • Jeffrey Shipley
  • Diane K. Van Aken

Diversity Issues

  • Bryan R. Williams, Chair
  • Robert A. Chong
  • Robert L. Harris
  • Hon. Juan Hoyos
  • Carol Mitchell
  • Augustin Rivera, Jr.
  • Hon. Phyllis D. Thompson
  • Leah Wilson

Editorial Advisory

  • Margaret Fuller Corneille, Chair
  • Bedford T. Bentley, Jr.
  • Gicine P. Brignola
  • Elizabeth T. Burke
  • Sherry M. Hieber
  • Sophie S. Martin
  • Suzanne Schmitz
  • Rebecca S. Thiem


  • Suzanne K. Richards, Chair
  • David R. Cooper
  • Catherine Crooks Hill
  • Jennifer E. Day
  • Emily J. Eschweiler
  • Mark A. Huntsberger
  • Keith J. Kasper
  • Shela Shanks
  • Pieter Teeuwissen
  • Marilyn J. Wellington

Multistate Bar Examination

  • Franklin R. Harrison, Chair
  • David R. Boyd
  • Patrick R. Dixon
  • Hon. Cynthia L. Martin
  • Robert S. McMillen
  • Anthony R. Simon
  • Hon. Phyllis D. Thompson
  • Timothy Y. Wong

Multistate Essay Examination / Multistate Performance Test

  • Darin B. Scheer, Chair
  • Jennifer Aldrich
  • Arlene Y. Coleman
  • Michael Colodner
  • William Harbison
  • Jeffrey A. Howes
  • Aasia Mustakeem
  • Richard A. Nielson
  • Shellie Park-Hoapili
  • Augustin Rivera, Jr.
  • Hon. Mark K. Wiest

Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination

  • Hon. Phyllis D. Thompson, Chair
  • David Cromwell
  • Curtis M. Hairston, Jr.
  • Lawrence King
  • Hon. R. Fred Lewis
  • Robert Long
  • Cathleen Shrader
  • Carol P. Smith
  • Alan Yochelson


  • John J. McAlary, Chair
  • Justin C. Aday
  • Karen M. Goodman
  • Susan Henricks
  • Brian Kunzi
  • Gregory K. Markham
  • Sahbra Smook Jacobs
  • Troy Wood

Uniform Bar Examination

  • Timothy Y. Wong, Chair
  • Diane F. Bosse
  • Maureen Ryan Braley
  • Hon. Anne C. Dranginis (ret.)
  • Hon. Zel M. Fischer
  • Hon. Michael G. Heavican
  • Daniel F. Johnson
  • Hon. Cynthia L. Martin
  • Jean K. McElroy
  • Darin B. Scheer


Policy Committee Members’ Home Jurisdictions

75 members representing 42 jurisdictions

Map of the United States with home jurisdictions colored orange. Policy committee members are from all U.S. states except: South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maine, Utah, and the U.S. Territories

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