July 2018 MBE

45,274 July 2018 MBE Examinees

Number of MBE Examinees 2014–2018

2014=51,005; 2015=48,384; 2016=46,518; 2017=46,626;2018=45,274

July 2018 MBE Mean Score 139.5

MBE Mean Score 2014–2018

2014=141.5; 2015=139.9; 2016=140.3; 2017=141.7; 2018=139.5

MBE Standard Deviations
2014 16.0
2015 16.1
2016 16.7
2017 16.8
2018 16.6

MBE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 0 to 200. The values reflect valid scores available electronically as of 9/13/18.

August 2018 MPRE

16,651 August 2018 MPRE Examinees

Number of MPRE Examinees 2014–2018

2014: March=22,957; August=17,699; November=19,888 2015: March 23,160; August=16,800; November=19,601 2016: March=19,823; August=16,480; November=19,821 2017: March=20,260; August=17,326; November=20,798 2018: March=20,346; August=16,651

August 2018 MPRE Mean Score 93.0

MPRE Mean Score 2014–2018

Line graph data. 2014: March 93.1, August 93.1, November 94.5; 2015: March 94.6, August 92.9, November 97.3; 2016: March 93.5, August 92.0, November 93.5; 2017: March 92.7, August 93.7, November 94.1; 2018: March 94.7, August 93.0

MPRE Standard Deviations
  March August November
2014 16.4 17.0 16.4
2015 17.4 16.9 17.5
2016 17.6 17.7 17.3
2017 17.1 18.0 17.4
2018 17.9 17.8

MPRE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 50 to 150. The values reflect valid scores available electronically as of 9/13/18 on both standard and alternative forms of the MPRE.

2018–2019 NCBE Policy Committee Members’ Home Jurisdictions

75 members representing 42 jurisdictions

Map of the United States with home jurisdictions colored orange. Policy committee members are from all U.S. jurisdictions except: South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maine, Rhode Island, Utah, and the U.S. TerritoriesNCBE is advised by the members of its nine policy committees, whose members are appointed each August. The 75 members of NCBE’s 2018–2019 policy committees represent 42 jurisdictions and include current and former bar examiners, bar admission administrators and staff, justices, and judges.

2018–2019 NCBE Exam Drafting Committee Members’ Home Jurisdictions

64 members representing 25 jurisdictions

Map of the United States with jurisdictions that Drafting Committee members represent colored in Teal. Home jurisdictions are: California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts

NCBE exams are written by the members of NCBE’s 10 exam drafting committees. The 64 members of NCBE’s 2018–2019 exam drafting committees represent 25 jurisdictions and include practicing attorneys, judges, and law school faculty members.

July 2018 MEE/MPT Grading Workshop

NCBE holds its semiannual MEE/MPT Grading Workshops to support jurisdiction graders in their grading of the Multistate Essay Examination and the Multistate Performance Test.

441 graders from 41 jurisdictions participated in the July Grading Workshop

441 graders from 41 jurisdictions participated in NCBE’s MEE/MPT Grading Workshop the weekend after the July 2018 exam.


47 graders were in person, 123 by conference call, and 271 by on-demand 47 graders participated in person, 123 by conference call, and 271 by registering to view on-demand videos. Additionally, 28 non-attendee graders accessed the items and grading materials for their own jurisdictions’ grading processes.

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