January 18–19, 2019 │ San Antonio, Texas

On January 18–19, 2019, NCBE hosted a forum in San Antonio, Texas, for jurisdictions that have adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE). From its inception in February 2011, the UBE has been actively shaped by representatives of the jurisdictions that have adopted it. The UBE Jurisdictions Forum is an opportunity for representatives of UBE jurisdictions to meet with the administrators, bar examiners, and state Supreme Court justices of other UBE jurisdictions to openly discuss policies, administration, scores, grading, and other issues of common interest for UBE jurisdictions.

The bar admission administrator, one board member, and one state Supreme Court justice from each UBE jurisdiction were invited to participate in the event. Ninety-eight attendees from 34 jurisdictions participated in the Forum.

Attendees were welcomed to the Forum by Michele Gavagni, chair of NCBE’s Board of Trustees, and Timothy Wong, chair of NCBE’s Uniform Bar Examination Committee and a member of NCBE’s Board of Trustees. The Forum schedule included the following sessions:

  • New Users Group: an informal gathering for representatives of new UBE jurisdictions to ask questions of NCBE staff and experienced administrators.
  • Overview of the UBE by NCBE President Judith Gundersen.
  • UBE Jurisdiction Introductions: an opportunity for a representative from each UBE jurisdiction to introduce their contingent and share their jurisdiction’s date of adoption and current issues.
  • UBE Facts and Figures by NCBE’s Mark Albanese, Ph.D., Kellie Early, Douglas Ripkey, and Matthew Samuelson.
  • Current Best Practices in Standard Setting by Mark Albanese, Ph.D., and Joanne Kane, Ph.D.
  • UBE Grading Issues by Judith Gundersen, Douglas Ripkey, and Matthew Samuelson.
  • Breakout Discussion Sessions: one session for justices and one session for administrators and examiners, followed by reports from each group.
  • The Future of the UBE by Mark Albanese, Ph.D.; Kellie Early; Judith Gundersen; Douglas Ripkey; and Hon. Cynthia Martin, chair of NCBE’s Testing Task Force and chair-elect of NCBE’s Board of Trustees.

Wellington standing at a microphone speaking, Anderson standing beside her

Hon. Barry Anderson (MN), Marilyn Wellington (MA)

People sitting at a table discussing topics

Hon. Zel Fischer (MO), Hon. Michael Heavican (NE)

Rivera speaking at a microphone

Hon. Jenny Rivera (NY)

UBE Forum attendees, person speaking at a microphone

UBE Forum attendees


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