May 13–14, 2019 │ Madison, Wisconsin

Attendees at the MPRE Workshop participating in a session

On May 13–14, 2019, NCBE hosted an item development workshop for the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination to provide advanced training in multiple-­choice question writing for subject-matter experts involved with writing items for the MPRE. Attending the educational event were 18 professional responsibility subject-matter experts—both practitioners and educators—from around the country, including 6 members of NCBE’s MPRE Drafting Committee who joined NCBE staff members in presentations.

NCBE President Judith Gundersen and MPRE Drafting Committee Chair Professor Bruce Green welcomed attendees to the workshop, with NCBE Director of Test Operations Ken Kraus guiding the attendees through the six sessions during the day.

The Workshop began with an explanation about item statistics and how they are used in the test development and scoring process, from MPRE Program Director Nina Chang, NCBE Principal Research Psychometrician Mark Connally, and NCBE Research Psychometrician Mengyao Zhang.

NCBE General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer Brad Gilbert reported on the type of accommodations typically requested for the MPRE.

Attendees participated in three interactive sessions led by NCBE Test Editors, and NCBE President Judith Gundersen informed attendees about the work of NCBE’s Testing Task Force—which is undertaking a three-year study to ensure that the bar examination continues to test the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for competent entry-level legal practice in the 21st century—and how to get involved in and updated about the Task Force’s study.

The Workshop concluded with open discussion regarding challenges in the item drafting process.

Mengyao Zhang, Ph.D. (NCBE) speaking at a podium

Mengyao Zhang, Ph.D. (NCBE)

MPRE Drafting Committee members/panelists speaking

MPRE Drafting Committee members/panelists

Nina Chang speaking at the Workshop

Nina Chang (NCBE)

MPRE Drafting Committee members/panelists speaking

MPRE Drafting Committee members/panelists

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