October 1–3, 2018 | Madison, Wisconsin

Photo taken of Mini-conference speakers and attendees

Mini-conference speakers and attendees

64 people attended,  representing 40 jurisdictions

64 people attended, representing 40 jurisdictions

On October 1–3, 2018, NCBE hosted a mini-­conference for bar examiners at the Madison Concourse Hotel on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus.

The goal of the mini-conference was to provide bar examiners with targeted training in the key elements of a high-stakes licensing examination: testing, grading, scoring, and exam administration. Understanding these concepts helps those who create, grade, or oversee bar examinations in their jurisdictions to be more effective at what they do.

5 plenary sessions:
  • Basic Concepts in Testing
  • The Role of Multiple-Choice Questions
  • The Role of Written Components: MEE and MPT
  • Scaling and Cut Scores
  • Test Security—We’re a Team!
2 breakout sessions:
  • Bar Exam Administration 101
  • A Closer Look at Essay Questions

The program concluded with a wrap-up of testing concepts and a group discussion.

Photo of attendee standing and talking

Mini-conference attendees

Photo of Nina Chang, NCBE, speaking at a podium

Nina Chang, NCBE

Sonja Olson, NCBE speaking at the podium

Sonja Olson, NCBE

Ingrid Jorgenson, Beth Hill (both NCBE) speaking at the conference

Ingrid Jorgenson, Beth Hill (both NCBE)

Marilyn Wellington (MA), Doug Ripkey (NCBE) speaking at the conference

Marilyn Wellington (MA), Doug Ripkey (NCBE)



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