Erica Moeser standing outside the NCBE building in front of the NCBE sign attached to the building

Erica Moeser, NCBE President, 1994–2017

On October 26, 2018, NCBE held a building naming and dedication ceremony to announce the naming of its headquarters as the Erica Moeser Building. The new name is in honor of NCBE’s longtime president, Erica Moeser, who retired in August 2017 after 23 years of service to the organization. The vision for NCBE’s current headquarters was conceived during Erica’s presidency. NCBE moved to the new building in August 2008.

With Erica Moeser in attendance, NCBE staff and Board of Trustees members gathered for the unveiling of the new name on the building. Speaking to honor Erica, and to share reflections on the NCBE building as representative of NCBE’s vision, were NCBE Board of Trustees Chair Michele Gavagni of Florida, former chairs Diane Bosse of New York and David Boyd of Alabama, and current Board members Patrick Dixon of California and Suzanne Richards of Ohio.

Erica standing with a group of people applauding

Building dedication attendees

Michele Gavagni speaking in front the building

Michele Gavagni, Chair, NCBE Board of Trustees

Diane Boss speaking in front of the NCBE building

Diane Bosse, former chair, NCBE Board of Trustees

David Boyd speaking in front of the NCBE building

David Boyd, former chair, NCBE Board of Trustees

Patrick Dixon speaking in front of the NCBE building

Patrick Dixon, NCBE Board of Trustees

Suzanne Richards speaking in front of the NCBE building

Suzanne Richards, NCBE Board of Trustees

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