October 3, 2018 | Madison, Wisconsin

Group photo, see caption for individuals

Front row: Heidi Faenza (GA), JoAnne Dionese (CO), Sharon Orlowski (CO), Pennelopy Lawson (AK), Gina Palmer (OH), Michele Gavagni (NCBE Chair) (FL)
Back row: Marilyn Wellington (CBAA Chair) (MA), Carole McMahon-Boies (NE), Dan Saar (IA), Amy Nuñez (CA), Barry Garrison (KS), Dawn McKnight (CO)

10 administrators attended, representing 8 jurisdictions

10 administrators attended, representing 8 jurisdictions

On October 3, 2018, following its Best Practices in Testing Mini-Conference, NCBE hosted a mini-­seminar at its Madison headquarters directed specifically toward new bar admission administrators who had attended the Mini-Conference.

The goal of the mini-seminar was to build on the information provided in the Best Practices in Testing Mini-Conference by familiarizing new bar admission administrators with other resources and services offered by NCBE.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the Council of Bar Admission Administrators (CBAA)
  • Investigations basics, NCBE investigative services, and mental health questions
  • Information technology services for jurisdictions
  • Nonstandard testing materials (for examinees requesting ADA accommodations, such as large-print booklets and Braille versions)
  • Post–test administration procedures
  • NCBE publications and website
  • NCBE meetings and educational offerings

The program concluded with a Q&A session and open discussion.


  • Alaska: Pennelopy Lawson, Admissions Manager
  • California: Amy Nuñez, Interim Director, Admissions
  • Colorado: Joanne Dionese, Assistant Bar Administrator; Dawn McKnight, Deputy Regulation Counsel; Sharon Orlowski, Exam Administrator
  • Georgia: Heidi Faenza, Director of Admissions
  • Iowa: Dan Saar, Assistant Director for Admissions
  • Kansas: Barry Garrison, Administrator
  • Nebraska: Carole McMahon-Boies, Director of Admissions
  • Ohio: Gina Palmer, Director of Attorney Services
  • Also in attendance were Marilyn J. Wellington, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners and 2018–2019 CBAA Chair; and Michele A. Gavagni, Executive Director of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners and 2018–2019 NCBE Board of Trustees Chair.
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