UBE Scores Earned and Transferred

as of January 1, 2020

UBE Scores Earned as of 1/1/2020 is 135,588UBE scores transferred as of 1/1/2020 is 20,186

Number of UBE Scores Earned by Year

Number of UBE Scores Earned by Year: 2019 was 34,472 and started with 2011 at 1,453

The Uniform Bar Examination results in a portable score that can be used to apply for admission in other UBE jurisdictions.

November 2019 MPRE

22,165 November 2019 MPRE Examinees

Number of MPRE Examinees 2015–2019

Number of MPRE Examinees 2015–2019: This bar graph shows the number of MPRE examinees for the March, August, and November administrations of the exam in the past five years. In 2015, there were 23,160 examinees in March, 16,800 in August, and 19,601 in November; in 2016, there were 19,823 examinees in March, 16,480 in August, and 19,821 in November; in 2017 there were 20,260 examinees in March, 17,326 in August, and 20,798 in November; in 2018 there were 20,346 examinees in March, 16,651 in August, and 20,580 in November; and in 2019 there were 19,138 examinees in March, 17,066 in August and 22,165 in November.

November 2019 MPRE Mean Score 97.0 (score scale 50–150)

MPRE Mean Scores 2015–2019

MPRE Mean Score 2015–2019: This graph shows the mean scores on the March, August, and November administrations of the MPRE in the past five years. In 2015, the mean score in March was 94.6, in August was 92.9, and in November was 97.3; in 2016, the mean score in both March and November was 93.5 and in August was 92.0; in 2017, the mean score in March was 92.7, in August was 93.7, and in November was 94.1; in 2018, the mean score in March was 94.7, in August was 93.0, and in November was 95.5; and in 2019, the mean score in March was 93.8, in August was 93.4 and in November was 97.0.

MPRE Standard Deviations

























MPRE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 50 to 150. The values reflect valid scores available electronically as of 1/24/20 on both standard and alternative forms of the MPRE.

NCBE’s Character and Fitness Investigation Services in 2019

Investigation Services

NCBE provides investigation services to support jurisdiction character and fitness requirements for law student registration, bar examination, UBE transfer, motion, in-house counsel, and foreign legal consultant applications.

NCBE conducted 13,157 character and fitness investigations on behalf of 28 jurisdictions in 2019.

Online Character Report Application

NCBE also offers an online character report application that jurisdictions may use in conjunction with our investigation services or independently.

26 jurisdictions used our online character report application in 2019.

Online Verification Process

Our Online Verification process allows jurisdictions and law schools to electronically receive and respond to NCBE’s investigation inquiries related to information reported by applicants in their character report applications.

47 jurisdictions used our Online Verification process in 2019.

Cross-Reference Service

Our Cross-Reference service is a tool offered to jurisdictions to investigate whether applicants have previously submitted any type of application to another jurisdiction.

46 jurisdictions participated in our Cross-Reference service in 2019.

Testing Task Force LogoTesting Task Force Practice Analysis Survey Respondents

14,846 people completed the practice analysis survey.

The 3 jurisdictions with the greatest numbers of respondents were

  • New York 2,484
  • California 2,092
  • Pennsylvania 1,257

See the chart in the Testing Task Force Quarterly Update in this issue for a complete list of survey respondents by jurisdiction.

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