NCBE’s Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements, published in collaboration with the American Bar Association, provides annually updated information on bar admission requirements in all US jurisdictions, including a directory of state bar admission agencies. The Guide provides a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction snapshot on bar admission requirements such as 

  • Domestic and foreign legal education requirements
  • Bar examination details, including application deadlines, fees, and grading and scoring information
  • Uniform Bar Examination jurisdiction policies for admission by exam or by transferred UBE score
  • MPRE requirements
  • Additional pre- or post-admission requirements and continuing legal education
  • Admission on motion policies
  • Other licenses and registrations, such as foreign legal consultants and military spouse temporary practice

The Guide is available for viewing on the NCBE website at and is also available for purchase at the NCBE Study Aids Store

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    Bar Exam Fundamentals

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  • 2020
    2020 Bar Admission Guide

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    2019 Year in Review

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    2019 Statistics

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